How do I install and connect my washing machine?

The installation and connection of the washing machine must be carried out by an experienced and qualified technician in order to avoid damaging existing pipes and to position the machine correctly in the room. Only quality hoses, pipes, connections, etc. should be used to install the washing machine and dishwasher.

If there are no separate faucets to install, it is advisable to hire a plumber to make sure the pipes are installed correctly before contacting a professional to install the machine.

Why does the dishwasher break down?

Nearly 95% of dishwasher repairs are caused by incorrect use of the appliance. Large pieces of food, grease, heavily greased dishes - clog nozzles, special technological holes, etc. It is the main cause of breakdowns.

The dryer drum does not rotate - what to do?

If the dryer drum stops rotating, there is a suspicion of more damage. Does the dryer turn on? Is there electricity there? Does it respond to the selector switch? These are the first questions to check when such a malfunction occurs. Also, listen to the sound inside the dryer and try turning the drum manually.

This should be possible. To be sure, you should also turn off the dryer and leave it for a while. The machine may have overheated and therefore stopped working. The motor may have a damaged winding, but such defects can only be repaired by a specialist.

Why doesn't the oven bake well?

If the pie remains mushy and the roast bakes only on top, then you suspect that the lower heat in your oven is malfunctioning. Often, however, without an expert, it is difficult to determine how big the problem really is.

The oven stops turning on - what could be the reason?

If the oven does not turn on, but the burners or at least two burners work, the problem may simply be that the time is not set (if there is a time display). In this case, the oven does not respond. In this case, the problem disappears immediately if you set the time again.

If the fuse in the fuse box is at the bottom and can no longer be pushed out (jammed) or immediately popped out again, probably be a short circuit. In this case, a repair is definitely needed.

Two burners are not working - what to do?

There is a possibility that the complete heating circuit has failed.

  • Check at the fuse box that all the fuses of the hob are on.
  • If the stove has just been plugged in, turn off the fuses in the fuse box and call an electrician to check the stove connection.
  • Contact customer service or an appliance repair center.

Why does the washing machine stink?

If your washing machine smells bad, a full cleaning is necessary. In many cases, not only the washer stinks but also the freshly laundered laundry. Especially with frequent washing at low temperatures, the smell is unavoidable because of the penetration of microbes in the door rubbers and in the lint filter.

Starting the washing machine empty - does it help?

It is advisable to leave the washing machine idle only as a test run at the highest temperature immediately after setting up the washing machine. This way you can immediately identify possible malfunctions, damage, and transportation damage to the machine. This is usually stated in the user manual.

In all other cases, however, leaving the machine running idle makes no sense and means wasting a lot of water and electricity. It makes neither environmental nor financial sense.

Clogged washing machine - what to do?

Clogs can form in different parts of the washing machine. Depending on what is clogged, you can still remove the clog yourself, in other cases, you may need a repair by a specialist. It is important to remember that pipe cleaners and similar "home remedies" can put the washing machine out of order.

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